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Podia is hiring a community marketer. This person will work alongside the content team to learn from communities, support creators and distribute content.

Listen to my interview with CMO Len Markidan here:

The Job:

I've never seen a job quite like this before. As Len mentioned in the video, there are plenty of promotion/distribution roles which generally involve sketchy backlink tactics, lots of cold email outreach and cheap content used for guest posting. #sad

This is totally different. This role is community-first, not promotion-first. It's the kind of work that I think many content marketers would love to do but never really have time for. It's a role for someone who knows content marketing but isn't that excited to sit alone and write for hours at a time.

Here's what I love about this role:

  • This person's main job is to know the Podia audience better than anyone else. They should be anticipating the audience's needs and feeding that info to the content creators. They should be delivering content to people who need it at the exact moment they need it. You will be a sort of content broker, matching supply with demand, demand with supply.
  • This job is somewhat experimental. This means that (1) it's not for everyone and (2) the right person will bring a sense of adventure to it. As Len said, if Podia can prove this works (and he has a strong hunch they can), it will become its own department.
  • Podia has demonstrated its commitment to content marketing over the last few years. Content is not an afterthought, it's the primary channel for marketing. This means you get to work with a dedicated editor and content team who have already spent a few years learning the audience, testing ideas and publishing content.

We helped Podia hire a content creator a few months back. I'd encourage folks to check out that post and interview as well.

The Company:

Podia is SaaS app that helps creators make a living online. Users can create, sell and run courses as well as paid memberships and digital downloads. Check out some of their customers to see who you'd be engaging with. (We created our content career course in Podia, which you can check out here.)

The company is fully remote and has been that way since it was founded in 2014. It has 25 full-time employees and $2.6 million in funding. Of note for this person who fills this role, Podia has an existing content team + strategy. This person will work with a full-time editor and several other content creators.

This job has legitimate benefits. It comes with three weeks of time off (most companies start with two), another week off in December, paid family leave for moms and dads, and annual team retreats. US-based employees get healthcare and a 401k match.

You also get equity. We know there is some debate over offering equity to employees, but we believe that equity is great as long as it isn't used an excuse for poor pay. A lot of people have built significant wealth because they had equity in early-stage startups. We can't speak to Podia's future, but the creator space is growing fast. You should feel comfortable with the pay and incentivized by the equity.

Our Take:

This is a great opportunity for a content-adjacent person ready for a new adventure. You should be really good at social media, be excited at the thought of spending a ton of time on Reddit and be ready to bring new and exciting ideas to an already-great content team.

We'll help a handful of candidates complete the application and spruce up their resume. The first step is to complete the application. We'll screen candidates and ask the best few to continue in the process.

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