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United States or Canada Remote

Full time

$105k (annually)

Nov 24

The Basics:

  • We are hiring for a Content Strategy Operations & Editorial Lead based in the US or Canada.
  • You will ultimately be responsible for managing content strategy engagements for some of the world’s fastest growing and innovative mid market and enterprise software companies (and some startups here and there).
  • This position will pay 105K a year USD.
  • We will also pay for your internet + phone + coworking space + any office equipment needed.
  • There will also be a sizable annual bonus opportunity based on your performance that will be discussed during the interview process.
  • This is a full time role, with health (90% covered by us), medical + dental (50% covered by us) benefits.
  • 3 weeks PTO
  • That's 3 weeks vacation of your choosing, and then we shut down fully the last week of the year.

Your Background & Skill Set:

  • You are a skilled B2B content strategy leader and have a track record of producing work that builds audiences and fills pipelines with qualified leads. You are someone who “gets” marketing and focuses on revenue generation, not vanity traffic. Driving sign ups and demos with content is not a foreign concept.
  • You are familiar with SEO fundamentals and basics. You do not need to be an SEO expert (technical SEO will not be a part of your job, at all) but you need to have working knowledge of on page SEO to take on this role. You understand search intent.
  • You have experience in the world of B2B SaaS or venture capital/private equity. You can quickly grasp complex topics around things like HR, APIs, contact center automation, product analytics, IT alerting, site reliability engineering, financial planning & accounting, etc.
  • You keep up to date with emerging trends in business and technology. You don’t need to be an expert on cloud, or no code, or web3 or anything like that, but if every new customer is a completely new world, where you have to do 10-20 hours of deep education to be able to understand the product, the market, and the customer — this job will be mentally exhausting.
  • You’ve managed people, and the people you’ve managed enjoyed working for you and grew from that experience.
  • Your business acumen, strategic insights, supportive attitude, and leadership capabilities make your direct reports:
  • Excited for their next round of feedback.
  • Feel proud of what they’ve produced.
  • Enable them to get their assignment polished up and finalized from there.
  • You pride yourself on being able to provide direct, helpful, feedback and being able to set attainable, measurable, specific goals with your teammates.
  • You've owned internal processes before, have documented those processes, and have trained new hires on how to execute on those processes using that documentation and 1:1 coaching.
  • We will want to see samples during the interview process.
  • You are a skilled editor that writes clear, concise, easy to understand copy. Your grammar is near perfect and you don’t use the passive voice.
  • You have strong project and time management skills.
  • You have interviewed & hired candidates before, and feel comfortable evaluating candidates for a role after one or two calls.

Your Role:

  • You will be leading the team that produces our core product, a Notion based system of customized SEO guides, workflows, and tools that we create for mostly mid market and enterprise B2B software companies.
  • You will be working with our content strategist and SEO analyst to lead customer engagements, and ultimately be the glue that holds each project together and make sure things get out the door on time and in near perfect quality.
  • You will be leading a team of 2 to start, and eventually, once things are in a good spot (~2-3 months post onboarding), a team of 4.
  • You will produce content strategies for some of the fastest growing and most well known software companies in the world. We focus on using SEO and content for product marketing and demand generation, with a touch of thought leadership sprinkled in. This isn’t about telling customers to use more keywords on a landing page, or testing title tags, or launching some microsite that will be forgotten about in a year — you’ll be working to help customer companies completely rethink how they approach content and SEO and enable them to execute on best in class content marketing that generates pipeline.
  • You will be in regular communication with all content strategy team members and have a pulse on content strategy operations. You will know what all team members are working on, when their work is due, what's next, and who's blocked — at all times.
  • You will report to our founder, John-Henry Scherck, and work with him extensively on every engagement. You will have a daily 1:1 with JH every morning and keep him up to date on how things are going, and surface any issues with customer engagements and determine solutions — before they become problems.

The Culture:

  • You will play a huge role in shaping the culture of Growth Plays. We're seeking to create a diverse work culture that closely matches the diversity of our client base and we want to build a company that attracts applicants from all backgrounds to ensure we get the best, most creative talent on our team.
  • As more of our work becomes collaborative, and more processes get defined, you will be setting cultural norms and standards for the company along the way. We are a small, but thriving, consultancy - but we're not perfect, and there's likely things you will want to change, and the good news is - if you don't like how something is done, you will have the opportunity to change it.
  • We are big on focus, accountability, and autonomy. Everyone works in a self directed manner, and workdays are typically filled with bursts of focused work, with short, impactful meetings (mainly 1:1s) mixed in.
  • While you will be shaping the Growth Plays culture, we aren't looking for someone who wants to radically change what we have, we are looking for someone to add to what we've built.
  • We are always going to be remote, and we want someone that understands building culture in a remote environment.


  • You might get pinged on Tuesday at 8am, but you aren't expected to be on all the time. No one produces 8 hours straight a day, breaks are healthy, life happens, and sometimes sleeping an extra hour makes a world of difference. We ask for a 24 hour turn around time with non-urgent emails and messages. As long as work is done on time or early, your time isn't our business.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • The role is fully remote and there will be minimal meetings. We prefer async meetings via Loom, or written instructions shared via email, over meeting in real time over Zoom.
  • There is one annual trip, coming up in Feb.
  • You will definitely be learning on the job, but you should come ready to hit the ground running. You will be expected to oversee the production of customer deliverables by the end of month one.

About Growth Plays:

We are a team of 4 FTEs with a few contractors thrown in the mix. We are a productized service that develops SEO-backed B2B content strategies that help companies like LaunchDarkly, Heap, Front, Tessian, Lattice, Postscript, Podia, and many others map their buyer journeys to content and keywords and tie everything to the funnel. You will be working with interesting, best-in-class, well funded B2B SaaS companies that have budget to execute even the most ambitious content strategies.

Your super powers:

  • Creative, but business minded.
  • Content strategy + product marketing for SaaS is your jam.
  • Intuitively understands the B2B purchase journey and the role content plays in it.
  • Self-starter, deadline driven.
  • Independent worker.
  • Organized.
  • Good communicator, both written and spoken.
  • Encouraging and collaborative leader.
  • You understand SaaS (and possibly venture/PE).

You are:

A Critical Thinker That Likes to Learn

Your job will be jumping into a customer company and learning everything you can about their buyer, their solution, the pain their solution solves for, and how that relates to keywords and topics that the customer company could create content for. You will need to be able to come up with detailed strategic frameworks and provide tactical directions on how to use content as a platform for thought leadership, product marketing and demand gen.

A Designer, Refiner & Documenter of Marketing Processes

You should be very comfortable building step-by-step playbooks and tutorials. Shooting Loom videos doesn't scare you. Providing direct, succinct, actionable instructions is second nature. You understand how to provide instructions to a team member or contractor in order to delegate confidently.

Able To Understand The Customer

In a typical engagement, you will be given a client's website, and some internal positioning docs, sales decks, maybe some recorded sales calls, persona documents, etc. You need to be able to take in that information and distill it down for the rest of the team, empowering them to make informed decisions on how to market customer companies.

Familiar with B2B

Our customers target the mid market and enterprise. Basic familiarity with the different departments that would exist in a large company is important. You need to understand (or be able to quickly learn) the difference between recruiting and HR, SDRs and AEs, What a sales engineer would do, what a VP of engineering does vs a CTO, what DevOps is and how it's different from engineering, etc.

How people sign up for and buy products from SaaS companies, and the different approaches, should also be familiar to you. i.e. self sign up, bottom ups, top down, land and expand, account based, product led growth/freemium, and you should be able to adjust content strategies based on the growth model accordingly.

Able to Speak & Write Clearly

Everything we deliver is written (with some videos as well). Not need to be able to write clearly and be able to speak about marketing from a position of authority. You don't need to be a grammar expert, or a wordsmith, but you need to be able to communicate marketing concepts and frameworks clearly and directly to customers.

A Bias Towards Action

You move quickly. You get stuff done. You are a producer. Paragraphs are edited in minutes, not hours.

Bonus Skills:

You are a Notion user. We have decided to go all-in on Notion. If you can improve how we use it — and know its quirks — that would be a big plus.

Tools You Will Have Access To:

Google Sheets, Notion, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, Sitebulb, MarketMuse, ClearScope, Content King, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.

This person will not be:

  • "Open to remote" - we want people who aren't just "open to remote" we want candidates that only want to be remote. For us, remote is not a temporary solution, it's how we plan to work forever, and how we can work with the absolute best people.
  • Looking for a high pressure environment - we work with focus and intensity, but we are very relaxed. If you thrive off stress, this isn't the right environment. If you need a deadline to be 72 hours away to get motivated, this isn't going to be a great fit.

Additional info:

All potential employees must be able to pass a background check.

Growth Plays is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status.

How to Apply:

If you are a fit, please email with a resume, links to your LinkedIn and other professional social media, and a note about why you are interested in the job.

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